Thursday, March 26, 2015

Snow Shoeing + Lichen = Inspiration!

When I go snow shoeing I tend to get caught up in looking at the trees and rocks due to the stark contrast between the snow and everything else. I noticed this tree with beautiful lichen growing in circles along the bark. For the rest of the adventure I kept thinking about how to create that very cool lichen-look. 

I started by dyeing a half yard of cotton in the color Jade. Once the fabric was rinsed and washed I used a large round sponge to stamp melted soy wax in a random pattern... trying to channel my inner lichen! Lastly, I immersed the fabric in a dye bath of Havana Brown. It's a bear to cure the waxy cloth but it was the only way I could think of to achieve that lacy lichen look! 

I'm defiantly going to continue creating a lichen-look design only next time I'll tone down the jade to create a softer color. Maybe I'll try thickened dye rather than soy wax... to be continued!   

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Look What Misty Cole Did!

Celestial Spheres, 50"x 50"
I met Misty last spring when we both attended the national SAQA conference in VA. We've stayed connected cyberly (is that a word?!) and I've been able to see some of the cool pieces she's created over the past year! Misty shared Celestial Spheres from a recent exhibition called, The Best Little Quilt Show in Maryland. She combined some of my fabrics with commercial fabrics for this very unique design. The more you look at it the more sub designs you see! 

 Thanks for sharing Misty! 

Over the past year I've stayed connected with a number of artist that I met at the SAQA conference = awesome! SAQA has a west coast conference coming up May 1 - 4 in Portland, OR and I can't wait for the chance to met more fabulous artists! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snow + Folds + Clamps = Cool Designs!

Just for fun I folded and clamped the fabric before topping with snow! I shook dye powder over the surface of the snow and walked away. Once the snow melted I washed the fabric and voila - kinda fun! 

I'm teaching a workshop on dyeing at the New Britain Museum of American Art on March 29th! Sadly I realized too late that the 29th is also Palm Sunday... not the best choice for students! We may have a challenge filling the class - if you're interested please be sure to register now!
Learn 3 fun ways to dye fabric!
The class will explore dyeing with ice, the low immersion process and confetti dyeing in a bag. Students will learn how the dye reacts differently to the 3 techniques. Students will gain an understanding of the dye process and tips on how to dye fabric successfully at home. The class will create 3 yards of one-of-a-kind fabric to take home!

Fabric and dyes included; students bring small containers, gloves, dust mask and a few other incidentals. Supply list available with registration.

12:30-4:30 p.m.
Sunday March 29th
Registration required

$70 members/$95 non members

Friday, March 20, 2015

Look What Susan Vassallo Created!

Susan Vassallo and I crossed paths at the 2014 SAQA conference in Alexandria, VA. Susan chose a large piece of snow dyed fabric to bring home with her and I was blown away by her creative vision! Just take a look at how she embellished and enhanced the fabric design... WOW! The panels are called The Sandra Day O'Connor series and each piece is 17" X 38". 
Susan added beads for some lovely bling! 

Here are some beautiful painted flowers! 

I love them all but do you have a favorite?
Please visit Susan on her blogfacebook and website for more creative treats! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Snow Bursts Are Getting Larger!

The snow bursts on my latest fabric range from 11" - 17" across! It all depends on what I pull from the recycling bin - the larger the elevated surface the larger the snow burst. The way the colors meander together is knocking me out - I love color! For my next challenge I will try to reduce the size of the snow bursts... gotta hurry up as the spring rains are here and eating up the snow!